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Preventative Maintenance Service

Without regular upkeep and maintenance, your HVAC system may break down, causing you to face an emergency that requires a technician after hours. At Super Tech Heat & Air, we provide air conditioning and furnace preventative maintenance services to ensure that your HVAC unit is working at its maximum functional capacity throughout the year.

A Super Tech performing preventative maintenance on a customer's air conditioner

Our annual preventative maintenance service includes a thorough evaluation of your air conditioner and furnace in order to diagnose even the smallest issues which may turn into major problems in the future.

In addition to this, we can also help you upgrade your system to a more energy-efficient, high-performance unit that will not only offer better performance, but will also help you save more in the long-run by lowering your energy consumption.

If you are interested in becoming a preventative maintenance customer, please contact us today at (501) 327-8808.

Clean Bathroom Fans

Clean your bathroom fans.

Your bathroom fans work hard all year, and this is the perfect time to ensure the work they do is as efficient as possible.

Remove the covers from your fans, and wash them thoroughly with soap and water. Once the covers are off, use a toothbrush to clean the fan blades before reapplying the cover.

Call us at (501) 327-8808 for more tips on how to save money on your monthly electric bill.

What is a Ruud Pro Partner?

The Ruud Pro Partner program is made up of handpicked dealers who are ready to listen, evaluate and find solutions that work smarter for you and your home.

Learn more about the Ruud Pro Partner program.

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